InFlow Inventory Management Software

inFlow Inventory Management

Powerful inventory software made easy

First released in 2007, inFlow has grown to become the most heavily downloaded inventory software for small to mid-sized businesses. They have customers from over 121 countries and countless industries, including retail, wholesale, manufacturing, e-commerce, professional services, healthcare, government, etc. inFlow is even being used in medical clinics, casinos and aviation schools.

inFlow delivers on it’s promise to be:

easy to use

We know you care about your business, not fiddling with software. With this in mind, we set out to design our product in a way that is simple and intuitive to use. Our goal is for you to be productive right away, without wasting time on training or slogging through a manual.

powerful features

Easy to use software doesn’t have to be less capable. We believe you should have all the essential tools to run your business. We want our software to be friendly as you start, and then surprise you with how deeply capable it is as you go.

designed for people

We believe that even business software can be made beautiful. Using it should make you feel happy and in control. It’s probably true that people are more productive when they are happy, but does happiness really need to be justified?