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Nx Witness by Network Optix

Advanced IP Video Management.
Made Simple

Nx Witness VMS

I am exposing my geekiness here; but I'm becoming a fan of this software, and for the most part they're not wrong when they say: "comparing Nx Witness to other IP video surveillance systems is a bit like comparing the iPhone to a Palm Treo - in short, it simply doesn't compare."  

The product is good. The kind of good that makes so much sense, it makes things so simple you look at all the other stuff you've been using 5 minutes ago and they immediately look embarrassingly un-finished or unnecessarily complicated. They look back at you like they're suddenly guilty of a crime for making you work hard and they have a lot of explaining to do, and they know they cannot justify what they've done. Yeah, they're toast and they know it.

There is a price-performance-point where good-enough meets cheap-enough and beats it, for sure. But this is not made for that bracket, not yet at least. That Nx1 hardware though.....with that server-hive architecture as's just a matter of time.

Please note: we are not Distributors or Re-sellers for this product. Just avid fans, users and advocates (for now at least). We will however, work with you to install and support your installation.